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A volunteer’s experience.

I signed up with Taproot to make new contacts that would be out of my regular professional sphere, to have an opportunity to do something new, and, perhaps, do a little good for this world. Being between projects can make one restless, and even a little buggy.

Taproot, if you don’t know, is an organization that matches up professionals from the corporate world with non-profit organizations that could use their expertise. Applicants can be from either side of the equation; non-profits can use Taproot to find qualified professionals to work on specific projects that the non-profits need done, but don’t have the expertise to complete. On the other hand, the creative professionals go through a screening process that assesses their skills and abilities and matches them to projects that the non-profits need done. These are called service grants.

These grants can serve any number of goals, such as developing a website, creating marketing materials, business analysis, board recruitment, fundraising projects, and so on. Doing all the things that non-profits need done by professionals, but don’t have the budget or expertise to do themselves. This is where the volunteers come in—various smart, hard-working professionals with skills, expertise and the desire to help out. This is where I come in.


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  1. Lifelong learning includes hands-on experiences as a volunteer which can teach you about issues ranging from adult literacy to public health to animal welfare.

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