Taproot Project For the HOPE Program

The start of a project.

I’d begun looking through the service grants on Taproot’s website and it seems most of them are staffed now. But then I get an email from EJ Minor who has been heading up a grant for a non-profit called the HOPE Program. Located in Brooklyn, its purpose is to help New Yorkers living in poverty to develop self-sufficiency, through job training and employment and counseling services and has a very high success rate. The Taproot team that EJ is heading is working on a marketing brochure for last six weeks. The brochure should help HOPE out-reach to new employers and develop internships and opportunities the people they train. Their current designer dropped out due to illness and would I be interested in joining their team as the designer. “Sounds simple enough”, I say. “Tell me more.”

There’s a full crew involved. EJ, the project manager, along with a copywriter, photographer, and marketing guru and has recently completed most of the groundwork. They learned as much as they could about HOPE’s mission, training methods and effectiveness. They interviewed clients and employers to gather statements that could be used in the brochure to show the impact HOPE has made through its services. At this point they are writing the copy and want to get the brochure designed and into production by the end of August.

I have some concerns though; what is their budget, how it be distributed, does it need to be mailed. I’m going to have to meet with the principals and to get a better idea of what they’re looking for. EJ and I discuss their budget, which might be and something around $2 per piece, but that it’s not a concern right now. He just wants something that’s really “creative” and that I should really let loose with any ideas I come up with.

He emailed me some of their early sketches done by the previous designer and images of past HOPE Program brochures. They definitely need an update and it’s time for some legwork. I need to meet the client.

cover and spread of older brochure.

And earlier HOPE brochure from the 90’s. It has some nice images and the die-cut is a nice touch, but it only shows one aspect of what they do. The new brochure needs to address a broader range of services and work settings.

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